Carrie McCune - Ensemble Coordinator

Carrie McCune began her study of kathak at the University of Denver with Sarah Morelli in the spring of 2013. The following year she received her ghungroo directly from Pandit Chitresh Das, symbolizing her commitment to the dance and inspiring her to continually deepen her practice. Also a professional trumpet player, she is drawn to kathak because of the artful way in which it integrates melody, movement and rhythm, and she hopes to share this beautiful kinesthetic experience with the Denver community.


Cailey Salagovic - Academy Coordinator

Cailey Salagovic began studying kathak in Spring 2013, not realizing that her developing love of dance would continue beyond her undergraduate music education. During her first retreat in San Francisco at the Chhandam School of Kathak Dance in 2014, she received her ghungroo from Pandit Chitresh Das, marking her dedication to the dance. As a trained vocalist pursuing studies in music cognition, she is committed to kathak as both a practitioner and a researcher, interested in the effects of this wholistic art form on the mind, body and spirit.